NEWS Welcome to the Crimea Pools. The place where you can watch the responsive and fastly live draw and Fastest History Result Record. Feel free to make this site as a home and enjoy a million euro prize.
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Crimea Pools is a site that provides responsive live draws and collects the fastest results data automatically. However, even so, our site has many various shortcomings. For this reason, if you experience technical problems, you can contact our company telephone number or our email address below.

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Phone Nomber : +7 658-145-144

Our working hours are from 08.00 AM to 16.00 PM every Monday to Friday. For Saturdays and Sundays our working hours are 10.00 AM to 17.00 PM. If you report technical problems outside of working hours, you can contact us by creating a ticket below. We will reply during the next working hours.

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Important Note: Please submit only one ticket per report. Because if you send the same report multiple times, it will be considered spam and we will not process the report.